The Dangers Of Laptop Radiation

by Suhail on October 15, 2010 · Tech & Talk

There are so many myths and so much confusion concerning laptop radiation and its effect on our bodies.  In general many electronic appliances give off some radiation including televisions, dvd players, satellites, cell phones, microwaves, and computers.

Because most of us spend so much time around laptops its important to understand some rules of thumb when it comes to laptop usage.  Here are some important points that I keep in mind…

Laptop Radiation

– According to current research, the harmful effects from laptop radiation can be minimized if used from a distance. Doctors recommend limiting exposure to electromagnetic fields to 1-3mG (milliGauss), and a laptop can emit up to 175 mG, at a distance of zero inches.

– Most of the radiation associated with laptops comes from internal parts including the hard drive and memory chips.  This internal radiation is the least of your worries.

– The real dangers that can come from a laptop are Wireless Radiation, Excess Heat, and the Vibration Effect caused by electromagnetic radiation.

– Wireless Radiation caused by Wi-Fi networks may be hazardous to health.  Research is still being done concerning this type of radiation.

– Placing your laptop on your lap can be dangerous to your genital area due to the Excess Heat released during cooling. A lapdesk is convenient, comfortable, and will also help absorb heat a great deal.

– Using a pillow as a buffer between your laptop and your lap isn’t a good idea either.  It can damage the computer’s cooling system and produce more heat.

– Male fertility can be negatively affected by the heat because an increase in scrotal temperature can decrease your sperm count.

– Research shows that placing your laptop near your scrotum for an hour increases your testicular temperature by 2.7 degrees Celsius.

– The vibrating effect from the radiation may also damage cells, especially those that are temperature sensitive, like reproductive cells.

– The best way to avoid all of these discussions is to invest in a sturdy laptop mount that places the laptop 3-6 inches away from your body. As long as it absorbs most of the heat and is not directly on your lap, you should be okay. Logitech offers an affordable, stylish lapdesk that also does the job well.

Hope this helps!

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